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PLENARY I: Biodiversity Conservation Efforts in the Philippines: Current Status and Trends

Review of National Program on Biodiversity Conservation and Management. Angel Alcala, Ph.D.
Status, Trends and Mainstreaming Philippine Biodiversity. Theresa Mundita Lim
Managing Natural Capital and Climate Solutions for the Benefit of People. CI’s Approach. Enrique Nunez(1)
Managing Natural Capital and Climate Solutions for the Benefit of People. CI’s Approach. Enrique Nunez(2)
A Turning Point for the Planet? Joselito Palma

PLENARY II: Community-led Biodiversity Friendly Enterprises (BDFEs)

Reducing Adversity with Biodiversity. Dr. Jose Regunay
Conserving MKBAs through Conservation Enterprises. Rina Maria Rosales

PLENARY III: Protecting and Conserving Landscapes and Seascapes

Guidelines on the Implementation of Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD) Strategy. Engr. Nonita Caguioa
Lawin: Forest and Biodiversity Protection System. Felix Gashick
The Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape. Romeo Trono

PLENARY IV: The Policy Agenda for Building Community Resiliency and Ensuring Community Benefits

Institutionalizing Indigenous Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) in the Philippines. Teddy Baguilat
Philippine Biodiversity. Loren Legarda

PLENARY V: The Role of Local Governments in Biodiversity Conservation

The Role of Local Governments in Biodiversity Conservation.

PLENARY VI: Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation

Linking Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation. Samuel Contreras
Crop Museums in Schools: Conserving Agrobiodiversity of Nutritional Importance. Emily Oro
Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation. Isagani Serrano.

PLENARY VII: Climate justice and Biodiversity

Biodiversity, Climate Change and Human Rights. Antonio La Vina
Climate Justice and Biodiversity. Antonio Ledesma, SJ

PLENARY VIII: Financing Models for Biodiversity Conservation

Rules to Get ABS. Anthony Foronda
Financing the Philippine Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (PBSAP). Anabelle Plantilla

PLENARY IX: Giving voice to vulnerable groups

Why Youth. Anna Oposa
Empowering Women for Biodiversity Conservation. Marita Rodriguez.

Theme 1. Managing Protected Areas

A. Biodiversity Conservation Strategies
Carmen Critical Habitat. Maria Cecille Madera
NIPAS. Antonio Manila
Sustaining Biodiversity thru Community-Based Forest Management and Livelihood. Dejun Saligumba
The Community Forestry Foundation-Quirino, Inc. 

B. Species Conservation
1st Saltwater Crocodile Sanctuary in the Philippines, Brgy. Canipaan, Rizal, Palawan. PNNI
Bantay Dugong in Busuanga, Palawan. C3
Enhancement and Conservation of Wetlands Conservation Sites (Malasi Lakes). MLPC

C. Law enforcement in conservation areas
Mainstreaming Vessel Monitoring Mechanism in Tanon Strait and Key Fishing Grounds. Daniel Ocampo
Law Enforcement in Conservation Area. Atty. Asis Perez
Marine Protected Areas Guards (MPA Guards) Project. SPO2 Francis Taleon

D. International commitments on biodiversity conservation
The Coral Triangle Initiative. Pablo de los Reyes, Jr.
Towards Sustainable Management of Benham Rise. Desiree Eve Maano
Negros Occidental Coastal Wetlands Conservation Area (NOCWCA). Atty. Wilfred Ramon Penalosa
E. Forest Rehabilitation

The UP Mountaineers Green Is Good (GIG) Campaign. Lee Ann Canals
Agroforestry as a Forest Rehabilitation Strategy. Jay Lim
Mangrove Rehabilitation in the Philippines: Science vs. Quotas. JH Primavera
Forest Restoration through the Enhanced National Greening Program. Nonito Tamayo

F. ICCA as a governance mechanism for protected areas
Payment for Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Financing for MILALITTRA in Mt. Kalatungan Range. Datu Dungkoan Besto
Ensuring the Sustainability of ICCAs and Traditional Conservation Governance. Dave de Vera
UUDJI Banao ICCA. Hon. Allen Jesse Mangaoang

G. Strategies in managing Marine Protected Areas
DIDP: Its role in the formation of Marine Protected Area (MPA) Network in Davao Gulf. Rhoderick Aviles
A Lanuza Bay Experience: Atty. Gerardo Maglinte.
Implementing Managed Access in NIPAS Areas. Rocky Sanchez-Tirona
Importance of Alliances in Managing Fisheries in Tanon. Felix Sy

H. Special problems in community-based environmental law enforcement
Multi-sectoral Forest Protection. Teresita Acosta
Sustaining Law Enforcement thru Networking and Community Participation. Eduardo Bolen
Community-based Wildlife and Area Warden Scheme: The Case of Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm – Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program. Mary Chris Nierves 

Theme 2. Biodiversity Friendly Enterprises: Setting Standards and Developing Value Chains

A. Identifying and evaluating BDFEs
Protecting Biodiversity by Empowering Communities Through Positive Change. Cherry Abrigo
Biodiversity Friendly Enterprise: Identification and Assessment Metrics Framework, Tool and Process. Joy Reyes Eugenio
Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) of Organic Agriculture Product Cerfitication: Challenges and Opportunities. Joselito Gonzales
Good Food Company: Farmers + Eaters + Ecosystems. Charlene Tan

B. Bringing communities into and up the value chain
Creating Profit Centers in and for Biodiversity-Dependent Communities. 
The Need for Integrating Permaculture Ethics and Principles in the Context of Nature Protection, Conservation and Interaction. 
Bringing Communities Into and Up the Value Chain.

C. Linking communities to markets
Linking Communities to Markets: The NTFP EP Philippines Experience. Ruth Canlas
Linking to Markets through Private Sector Partnership. Vivian Castillon
Value Chain Analysis of Abaca (Musa Textiles) Fiber in Northern Samar, Philippines. Edwin Celestino
Community-Based Seaweeds Social Enterprise. Joelyn Soldevilla-Biag

D. Models of BDFE
Bakong for Handicrafts. Hon. Lolita Garcia
Mount Hamigitan BD-Friendly Enterprise: Sustainable Almaciga Resin Production. Hon. Vicente Orencia
Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort: A Member of the Zero Carbon Resorts Project. Butch Tan

E. The Seaweed Industry as a primary wealth creating strategy in biodiversity conservation
Innovations – Key to Sustainable Seaweed (Cottonii) Farming. Anicia Hurtado
Seaweed Farming in Calatagan, Batangas: Problems Faced by Seaweed Farmers. Flora Limoico
BFAR National Seaweed Development Program. Irma Ortiz
Current State of the Philippine Seaweed Industry. Alfredo Pedrosa
Status of Research and Development Studies on the Seaweed Flora/ Resources of the Philipines. Dr. Gavino Trono, Jr.

F. Workshop: Survey of product lines of community-based biodiversity-friendly enterprises and the challenges to them
BDFE Assessment Tool.
BDFE Product Survey Workshop.
BDFE Workshop: Product Lines of Community-Based Biodiversity-Friendly Enterprises and Its Challenges.

H. Economic empowerment of community members and organizations through biodiversity-friendly enterprises
Generating Revenues from By-Products of Rice Production Intensification Practices. Maybelle Camps
Kaiban (Partnership).
Household Level Planning and Accounting: FIRMED Mondragon Experience. Rosalina Lodripas-Tarrayo 

Theme 3. Landscapes and Seascapes

A. New insights in landscapes conservation
GEF-Small Grants Programme Landscapes and Seascapes Management Indicators.
Conservation in the Cities : An Introduction to Urban Biodiversity. Leonora Gonzales Ph.D.
Protect Wildlife Project: Piloting the Landscape- and Conservation-based Approach for Integrating the Management of Land and Resources Use. ES Guiang
Landscape Approach in Northern Samar. Gregorio Sarmiento

B. Emerging lessons in establishing production landscapes and seascapes through community-based biodiversity conservation projects (2)
Working with LGUs and Other Stakeholders in the Management of Sierra Madre’s Palali-Mamparang Mountain Range.
Victoria Anepahan KBA and Indigenous Food Plants (IFP) Conservation. Roger Garinga
Pag-uugnay sa Kakayahan ng mga Katutubo at Maliliit na Mangingisda sa Pagpapayaman ng Likas Yaman sa Lalawigan ng Aurora. Marivic Pajaro

Expanding Biodiversity Conservation Areas for southEastern Samar Landscape and Seascape. Margarita dela Cruz
Roots of the Fragmentation of the Sierra Madre and Models SSMNAI is Discovering for Reconnection. Fr. Pedro Montallana
Initiating a Bioregional Network in the North Philippine Sea (NeoNPS) for Biodiversity Conservation: Status, Gaps and Prospects. Miraflor Pandela-Sanchez

D. Ancestral Domains as Biodiversity Conservation Landscapes/Seascapes
Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in the Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP). Gillian Dunuan
Ancestral Domains and Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices as Key to Biodiversity Conservation. Jeanette Florita

E. Strengthening biodiversity conservation work through national level networks
The Essential Role of Legal Empowerment Networks in Biodiversity Conservation. Marlon Manuel
Green Convergence: Programs and Challenges. Angelina Galang
Scaling Up Partnerships for Biodiversity: An NGOs for Fisheries Reform (NFR) Experience. Marita Rodriguez

F. Capacity building and Knowledge Management
Policy Advocacy Campaign: Lessons from the National Land Use Act (NLUA). (1)
Policy Advocacy Campaign: Lessons from the National Land Use Act (NLUA). (1)
Capacity Building for Environmental Governance. Julieta Borlon-Aparicio
Advocacy for Biodiversity: Challenges and Lessons. Grizelda Mayo-Anda
Notes and Interface between IPRA and ICCA. 

G. CSO Hubs: site-based nerve centers for active civil society engagements in biodiversity conservation
Capacity-Building of Lower Sierra Madre CSOs for Biodiversity Conservation and Management. 
Networking for Biodiversity: The SGP5 Upper Sierra Madre Hub. Pablo Paet
SGP5 Hubs. Julio Tan

Theme 4. Biodiversity Financing

A. Funding opportunities for CSOs (1)
FPE Grants Window: Conserving Biodiversity for Healthy Environment and Resilient Communities. 

B. Sustainable tourism in biodiversity important areas
Sustainable Tourism in Marine Protected Areas in Northern Palawan. Romeo Cabungcal
The Song of the Melodious Babbler. Beth Maclang
Go Green for a Blue Community: The Silonay Mangrove Conservation and Ecotourism Park. Alain Maulion

C. Funding opportunities for LGUs
Republic Act no. 10174: People’s Survival Fund (PSF). Noel Gaerlan

D. Funding opportunities for CSOs 2
Collaborative Opportunities for Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihood Improvement in ASEAN Heritage Parks. 

E. Inclusive Business and Corporate Social Responsibility
Ecosystem/Biodiversity Financing in the Business Sector. Agnes de Jesus
Engaging Private Sector in Ecosystems and Biodiversity. 
Inclusive Business: A Response to the call for Inclusive Growth and Environmental Stewardship. Anton Simon M. Palo

F. Social enterprise development
Engaging the Market – Strategy Development. Ruth Canlas
Social Entrepreneurship for Local Economy & Ecosystems Development.

Theme 5. Building an inclusive biodiversity community

A. Women’s participation in biodiversity conservation
Protect Wildlife.
Women in Biodiversity Conservation. Myrna Nicol Ogoc, Ph.D.
Working with Women: SPPI Experience. Joelyn Soldevilla-Biag

Bagong Lumad Artists.
Youth as Conservation Ambassadors. Cherry de Dios
Engaging youth and young professionals in conservation actions. Edel S. Garingan
The Role of Youth in Biodiversity Conservation: The DENR-BMB Youth Program.