The Oscar M. Lopez Center announces call for proposals for Resilience Grants

The Oscar M. Lopez Center has announced its 2016 call for proposals on climate change adaptation and disaster risk management.

The Center recognizes that science and technology have a critical role to play in enhancing the resilience and coping capacity of the various sectors of society whose aspiration to develop sustainably is threatened by climate-related risks and disasters. This year's call encourages submissions that provide science-based solutions, innovations and initiatives that will provide opportunities and adaptive alternatives to managing the risks and threats of climate change and variabilities.

Deadline for submission of Pre-Proposal Concept Note: 01 December 2016

Deadline for submission of Proposals: 15 January 2017

Send proposals to:

For more information, visit:

2016 Call For Proposals - Submission and Award Guidelines

2016 Pre-Proposal Concept Note Form General

2016 Form 1.1 Background Information Sheet - Main Proponent

2016 Form 1.2 Background Information Sheet - Project Lead

2016 Form 2 Summary Proposal Template

2016 Annexes 1 to 2.4

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