Budget Proposal: Project Costs

Eligible project costs include:

  • Professional fees (e.g., for consultants)
  • Project staff that will work for the project
  • Direct costs to implement proposed activities (including workshops, supplies and small equipment)
  • Food, lodging and transportation to implement proposed activities
  • Administrative costs, which shall not be more than 20% of the total grant amount

Please do not include the following under the project costs:

  • Contingency or miscellaneous costs
  • Management fee
  • Salaries of organic full-time or part-time staff, unless they are dedicating a certain percentage of their work hours to the project
  • Attendance to conferences, training and workshops that do not directly contribute to the attainment of project objectives
  • Travel costs (lodging, per diem, transportation) of government staff
  • Capital expenditures, e.g., land, buildings, major equipment and vehicles, unless they are essential to the project
  • Actions that engage in partisan politics or religious practices
  • Actions which discriminate against individuals or groups of people on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or lack of them, or their ethnic origin
  • Items already financed in another framework
  • Currency exchange losses
  • Taxes, including VAT, unless the beneficiary (or the beneficiary’s partners) cannot reclaim them and the applicable regulations do not forbid coverage of taxes
  • Provision for debts and losses

Considering fluctuations in USD:PHP conversion, the conversion is pegged at USD1:PHP41.

Budget Proposal: Co-financing

The desired co-financing ratio is 1:1, i.e., for every Philippine Peso asked of SGP, a corresponding one peso (PHP 1) is committed. Co-financing may be in the form of cash, kind or services. Contributions in kind and services should be valuated and included in the budget. It is important that the sources of these contributions be specifically identified in the proposed budget. Co-financing information is part of the financial reporting of the grant.