SGP supports projects that feature the following:

  • Implemented by an NGO, PO or CBO;
  • Problem-oriented and focused on biodiversity issues;
  • Responsive to relevant community needs;
  • Part of an integrated development program within a larger bio-geographic area;
  • Intended to build the internal capability of project partners;
  • Coordinate, expand or strengthen other existing or ongoing initiatives;
  • Include process documentation as part of knowledge management; and
  • Develop partnership with other local and national stakeholders to ensure institutionalization and sustainability.

An organization unable to fulfill the eligibility requirements may qualify for assistance provided an intermediary organization, which is eligible as a proponent, is willing to act as main proponent of the project. This intermediary organization acting as main proponent shall be the project holder, assume fiscal responsibility for fund usage and ensure the attainment of project objectives.

Organizations will be disqualified if they fall under one of the following criteria:

  • Any organization that has an unclosed project with, or yet to return funds to, SGP (previous or present);
  • Any organization that has a questionable track record, as evidenced by poor implementation of a previous project or unsound financial management practices;
  • National or local government units, agencies, offices, instrumentalities;
  • Schools, universities, colleges;
  • Churches; and
  • Political parties.

Grant Limits

A potential partner may submit more than one proposal. Nevertheless, an organization may only have one SGP-granted project at any given time. A grantee may submit another proposal upon successful completion of an initial project. However, no organization may avail of more than an aggregate amount of the local currency equivalent of US$50,000 for the whole of SGP 5.