Application Process

Proposals are submitted to the Country Programme Management Unit (CPMU). The CPMU, together with the Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE), the Responsible Party (RP), that acts as the grants manager of SGP 5, screens the eligibility of the proponent. For proposals for small grants and strategic project grants, the Project Technical Review Committee (PTRC) reviews the proposal for technical viability of the project. The proponent is advised of the recommendation of the PTRC and the need for additional information and/or clarification of the proposal. The National Steering Committee (NSC) approves projects for grant support.

In some instances, however, interventions may be necessary to clarify some items in the proposal or make improvements thereon. The NSC, the CPMU, the RP or the PTRC may decide to make field investigations or visitations in the process of considering the proposals to ascertain the veracity of the contents thereof or further improve them. Additionally, some unforeseen events or force majeure may pose delays in the process. The CPMU and the RP shall be in constant communication with the proponents to update them on the progress of their proposals.

Approval of project proposals and commitment of funds are formalized in a grant agreement signed by the grantee and the DENR-BMB. Grant funds are released in tranches through the grantee’s bank account according to provisions of the grant agreement and subject to submission and acceptance of narrative and financial progress reports.

For planning grant applications, the CPMU, in consultation with the RP, shall evaluate the proposal and recommend to the Implementing Partner (DENR-BMB) for approval.