Submitting a Proposal

Project ideas may be submitted in any format. It is preferred that proposals be submitted in the format provided in the guidelines.

In cases of incomplete but otherwise meritorious proposals, the Country Programme Management Unit (CPMU) shall require the proponents to supply the required information. When deemed needed, the CPMU shall extend technical assistance to enable proponents to submit plausible proposals. The assistance of CPMU is not an assurance of the approval of any proposal.

Proposals may be submitted in any written format so long as they are legible. They may be submitted through any means possible, such as personal delivery, electronic mail, snail mail, courier, and fax. However, for proposals that do not contain the original or bear inconsistent handwritten signatures of the proponent's authorized signatory, the CPMU may require proof of authenticity of signatures and submissions.

No proposal shall be denied funding support on mere formal grounds as long as they address all the questions, concerns and requirements asked for.

Please refer to the Resources page for PDF versions of the suggested proposal formats.